This summer, join us for an experience you’ll never forget, the Youth Summer Pilgrimage (aka Mission Trip!!!), to Philadelphia, the City of Brother Love!  Through Broad Street Ministry (BSM) in Philadelphia, we will serve those experiencing homelessness and learn from their stories.  Not only will this be a week you’ll never forget, this experience will give you the kind of passion, knowledge, and understanding that might just change the way you look your life.  ~Rev. Kev

What is Broad Street Ministry (BSM)?  Founded in 2005, Broad Street Ministry is a nonprofit organization that provides services and activities designed to build trust, foster community, and alleviate the suffering of those facing homelessness, hunger, and deep poverty in Philadelphia neighborhoods.

What is the BSM Youth Initiative?  The BSM Youth initiative welcomes groups to Broad Street Ministry during the summer, immersing youth and adult leaders from around the country into the diverse neighborhoods and communities of Philadelphia.  Each day, participants engage in relational service work in different parts of the city.  BSM aims to identify and confront stereotypes of the city, of urban poverty, and of marginalized communities.  Throughout daily dialogue at work sites and small discussions groups, BSM’s goal is to form compelling leaders who are founded in rich theological, social, and academic understandings of social justice.  BSM’s Youth Initiative provides opportunities for youth to engage in educational, motivating, and provocative service experiences.  The goal is to spark curiosity, to identify ways in which the Holy Scriptures call for love and justice for all, and to stimulate conversations leading to lifelong service and discipleship.

Growing in Relationship with God and One Another  It has been said that, “Wherever love is, God is there, too.”  On this trip, we will do all we can to cultivate a loving atmosphere among our group so that God’s presence might be palpable to all.  We will serve and we will learn, and we will also play, laugh, sing, worship, and return with stories we’ll never forget.  We will close our week by staying on “Josh’s Hill,” where we will enjoy a picnic, volleyball or whiffle ball, participate in a closing worship service, and sit around a campfire deep into the night.


  • Sunday, June 3, 7-9pm: Pre-Meeting for Participants and Parents
  • Sunday, June 10, 7-9pm: Pre-Meeting for Participants Only
  • Sunday, June 24:
    • 7:30 am: Pack Bus and Vehicles
    • 8:00 am: Depart
    • Stop for Lunch
    • 2:00 pm: Arrive at Broad Street Ministry
  • Monday June 25 through Friday, June 29:
    • Morning: Wake Up, Morning Devotion, Breakfast, Travel to Work sites (Each work group, or Neighborhood Group, will be going to a different work site each day in order to allow for a variety of experiences throughout the week)
    • Afternoon: Showers, discussion groups and free time
    • Evening: Dinner, Games, Evening Worship, Home Group Meetings (a time together to focus on how the experiences and lessons from the trip can relate to continued actions back home), Free Time, Lights Out (11 pm)
    • *On Wednesday we will work half a day and spend the evening enjoying a dinner out and  exploring the city.
  • Saturday, June 30:
    • Morning: Depart BSM
    • Afternoon, Arrive Josh’s Hill
  • Sunday, July 1:
    • Morning: Depart Bloomsburg, PA
    • Mid Afternoon: Arrive at First Church
  • Sunday, September 16: Sharing Worship Service (all participants are expected to attend and/or participate, with the exception of those off at college or in case of emergencies)

Please Note: The expectation is that participants attend the entire trip as well as all the pre- and post- trip gatherings, including the September worship service.

How Much Does it Cost?  The total cost of the trip is $575.00*. Click Youth Pilgrimage Cost Breakdown – 2018 to view a detailed cost breakdown.
A non-refundable $150 deposit is due at the time of registration.

* If the cost of the trip would prevent you from attending, please speak directly with Rev. Kevin as soon as possible for a confidential discussion about scholarships available.  Our desire is for every student who wishes to participate to be able to do so, regardless of his or her financial situation.

* For those able and willing to donate to fund scholarships, to provide financial assistance to families who need it, it would be greatly appreciated.  Our goal is to ensure all who want to participate in this trip and all youth activities are able to do so.

Ready to Sign Up? Use our Stream-lined, Simplified Process:

  1. Click Here to Sign Up !
  2. Submit a $150 minimum deposit to secure your spot on the trip.
    You can make any payments by:
    submitting a check to the Church Office with “PF Pilgrimage 2018” in the memo.
    You can use our Online Payment System! Click Here to Make Your Payment Now!

If you are an Adult Youth Advisor participating in this Pilgrimage, please Sign up Here!

Contact Rev. Kevin: – or – 860-651-3593 with any questions.