God asks us to be good stewards of the world – which we need to care for – because all good things belong to God and do not belong to us. We express our faith through our thoughts and through our actions towards each other and through the way in which we treat the environment. First Church would not be able to do the things we do without your support. Please consider supporting us this year as we enter into our annual Stewardship Pledge Drive.
Below are some Stewardship FAQs:
  1. Are all First Church of Christ members required to pledge money?
    No – it is not a requirement of First Church that our members pledge money each year. The decision to do so if a personal decision and one that should be made after prayerful discernment.
  1. Why is Stewardship important?
    First Church relies upon the support of its members and friends so that it can offer the services we require: church services, pastoral care, education, programs and outreach to our local and greater communities. Your support also supports the day to day running of our church and its property and staff.
    Giving to the church is also an expression of our faith and a visible sign that the life-transforming ministries of First Church are a priority in our lives.
  1. Why is my pledge important?
    Individual donations comprise over 75 pct. of our annual income each year, most of which is achieved through pledging. We generate the additional revenue from income from our endowment and other resources.
    By asking members and friends to pledge each year, it helps First Church to develop a plan and a budget for the following year. Without any certainty around the revenue we will receive, it would be very difficult to know how many staff we could support; how we would support the maintenance of our property; and how many programs and services we would be able to offer.
    It is important to remember that a pledge is an estimate of your annual giving to First Church and that it is not a binding contract – you can change it up or down at any given time
  1. Why can’t we use our endowment to fund the yearly operations of First Church?
    As noted above, we do have an endowment but we only use a small portion each year, as we need to mindful that it will be there for future generations.  We depend both on pledging and on giving in order to be financially stable each year.
  2. Does every member pledge?
    While that would be a wonderful idea, it has not happened. Please keep in mind that we have many members who are still in high school and college and many members who do not contribute for a number of different reasons.
    While we have just over 750 members, we actually have approximately 540 potential donor units at First Church. Of these 540 potential donor units, 264 pledged in 2016, or roughly 50 pct.  While we have seen both the dollar amount and number of donors decrease during the senior minister interim period, we are hoping to see increases in both categories in the current pledge drive.
  3. What is our goal for 2017?
    We actually have two goals for the current pledge drive. The first one is to increase the number of members and friends who pledge. If we are successful in this area,  then we believe we would meet our financial goal – which is to increase our pledge result by 10 pct. We understand that some donors will be unable to increase their pledge by 10 pct. as they may already be stretching to give what they presently do.
  4. Are these goals realistic in the current environment?
    We believe these goals are realistic because we believe that our members and friends feel the positive energy within First Church due to the leadership of Pastor George and Rev. Kev. We also believe that our members want our church to do more in order to carry out Jesus’ directives and that in order to do, we need to be sure we have adequate financial resources.
  5. How can I pledge?
    Below are links to a letter from the Stewardship Committee and Instructions on How to Pledge.

Stewardship Committee Letter Dated November 15, 2016

How to make your 2017 Pledge to First Church

2017 Pledge Card

If you would like to submit your 2017 pledge online, please click HERE.

If you would like to make a donation to First Church, please click HERE.