Festival Choir

The spirit of worship is especially strong during the holidays of Christmas and Easter.  During these periods, people who are not regular members of the Chancel Choir but who love to sing for special occasions are welcome to rehearse and participate in only those programs.  We can schedule rehearsals for these people at a convenient time, or those who are musically experienced can take the music home and peruse it on their own.  This is perfect for those who would like to take part, but can only do two or three presentations a year.


Small Groups

For those with limited ability to commit time to a steady music program, during the course of the year we will gather in various small groups to explore other types of music, or sometimes just to sing or play for the joy of it.  We will be organizing small women’s, men’s, or mixed singing groups as well as instrumental ensembles, to do anything from madrigals and classical music to barbershop, jazz, blues, or even bluegrass.  This is not limited to adults – many youth in First Church are excellent classical, jazz, rock, and bluegrass musicians as well, and there is always opportunity to contribute to a Sunday service, perform for an event, or just play and learn from each other  See Mark Mercier for details.