Journey Home is a Hartford based agency that works to place homeless people into homes, and they are on-track to end homelessness in Greater Hartford for good!

Their  focus is  on solving the problem of chronic homelessness with housing, employment, and support services, rather than managing it with emergency shelter.

Journey Home develops and implements innovative ways to improve the housing and service systems in order to offer those experiencing homelessness paths toward independent, fulfilling, and productive lives.

First Church adopted two clients who have just been placed into apartments in October.  This is part of an initiative called Making A House a Home. This initiative engages community volunteers in the work and mission of Journey Home by collecting and donating furniture and essential household goods for people transitioning from homelessness to housing.

Brenda and Kemar, recently moved out of shelters, off the streets, and into their own apartments.  We delivered many useful household items to both individuals and they are well on thier way to making thier new houses, homes.


Monetary donations are still needed for clothing, food and other household goods.  If you are able to help, make check out to “First Church” with Making a House a Home in the memo.

Brenda and Kemar are both working closely with social workers who are helping them with job opportunities and other needs as they transition into their new communities.

If you would like additional information or have questions please contact Nancy Yannopoulos at or Dave Wadhams at

If you donateed household items and would like a donation form for tax purposes, please click here for the Journey Home Receipt of Donation Form.

Thank you!!