“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  Matthew 6:21

Jesus tells us to look carefully at where our “treasure” is because that is where we will find those things we truly value. At First Church, we have tried to follow Jesus’ directive to help our neighbors. We can see how we do this through all our different ministries: from Christian education for members and friends of all ages in classroom settings to intimate discussions in small bible study groups; from our dozens of volunteers who give of their time to assist our ministers and church office to manage all our different committees and programs; from the way our Church sounds each Sunday morning due to our wonderful music ministry; and from our direct financial contributions to Our Church’s Wider Mission and other organizations within our community. We certainly seek to be as generous both in time and money as God has been to us in so many ways.

We could not be doing all of these works without the support of our members and friends. We strive to continue to find ways to grow our faith in our minds and hearts as well as in action. We thank you all for your past and future support so that we may continue to grow in the manner to which we are called.

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