Fall Schedule

1. September: Let’s go to church – this month students will learn about things that they see, hear, and do in church:  We go to church, My church loves me, Church is a happy place and My Family goes to church.

2. October: My Family- this month the students will focus on families: God gives us families, My family loves me, Babies are for loving and My family cares for me.

3. November: Thank You God – this month will focus on thanking God for everything:  We thank God, We thank God for food, Thank you God for everything and We thank God for friends.

4. December: Jesus is Born – focus on associating Jesus birth with Christmas instead of commercial aspects of the holiday:  Christmas Means Jesus – they will be telling and experiencing a part of the Christmas story each week.

Every Sunday

1. The students attend church with their families for about 15 minutes. Parents are to escort children to class after the children’s message.

2. The purpose of this it to start to orientate children to what happens in church, how to behave in church, and let them see what their parents are doing will they are in church school.

 Spring Schedule

§ January: Jesus Grew and I Grow; will help the children see that Jesus is more than a baby born in a stable. Children can hear that Jesus grew as God planned. They will explore ways in which God plans for everyone to grow.

§ February: God is love; Children will lean that pure love comes only from God. The kind of love we are talking about is the genuine compassion shown by Jesus.

§ March: Easter; Jesus is alive and new life is returning to the earth.

§ April: Love One Another; Jesus wants us to love one another. The children will also be learning to show God’s love to others in many ways; helping others, treating others with kindness, sharing, and saying “I am sorry” when you hurt others.

§ May: Teach us how to pray; prayer is talking to God. Praying can be done any where and any time. Students will learn that Jesus tells us to pray all the time.