Welcome to the Nursery at First Church of Christ. We seek to provide a safe, Christian atmosphere for the smallest members of our church. We hope that our loving care of your children will enable you to relax and enjoy the service.

Goals of Nursery Ministry:
1. To help each child feel comfortable, secure, and special
2. To help each child learn to play and share with other children
3. To help each child have positive feelings about coming to church.
4. To begin to introduce the children to Bible stories and songs.
5. To encourage the active participation of parents in worship, teaching, and other church activities.

General Policies:
1. The Nursery is open 15 minutes prior to services.
2. Children are to be brought to the Nursery by their parent and signed in. An area for special instructions is included on the sign-in sheet to write anything your caregiver needs to know about your child while they are in the nursery.
3. Parents should pick up their children immediately after the service.
4. Please have your children’s belongings labeled. This includes diaper bag, bottles, drinking cups, pacifiers, blankets, etc.
5. Only plastic bottles and disposable diapers should be brought to the nursery.
6. Children should not bring personal toys to the nursery.
7. Medications cannot be given by nursery caregivers. Please to do not put any type of medication in your child’s bottle.
8. Toys are washed at the end of each session.

Food Policies:
1. Infants will be fed formula, milk, juice, or water as provided in plastic bottles. Note: the nursery does not have a refrigerator or the ability to warm bottles.
2. We will be happy to feed your child food that you provide. Please include bibs, spoons, etc.
3. Toddlers will be served a snack of juice and cereal or crackers when appropriate. If your child is allergic to anything please notify the caregiver.

Health Policies:
1. For the protection of your child and other children, parents are requested not to bring a child who appears to be ill.
2. If a child develops a fever or other systems of illness while in the nursery, the parent will be contacted.

Classroom Behavior Supervision:
1. Caregiver has the responsibility of managing the classroom in a manner that assures a safe, secure, and nurturing environment for the children.
2. Every attempt will be made to soothe a crying infant or child. In the event the an infant/toddler cries inconsolably, the parent will be called to assist.
3. Children are expected to follow directions given by the caregiver. Any corrections needed by the toddler will be done in a positive way.
4. If the child refuses to comply with the caregivers directions and creates an unsafe situation the parents will contacted.