They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer,

~Acts 2:42

Our church leadership is comprised of both professional staff and a wealth of volunteers.

To learn more about our ministers and or staff visit our STAFF page.

In addition to our staff; our Executive Council is composed elected members of the church and the chairs of our various Boards.

There are many opportunities to serve here at First Church. Below you will find a list of Boards and Committees that currently serve the needs of our ministry in various ways. We encourage you to explore the links to those committees that interest you. We would LOVE to put your talent and enthusiasm to work!

  • The Board of Mission and Outreach
  • The Board of Christian Education
  • The Board of Worship
  • The Board of Finance
  • The Board of Music Ministries
  • The Board of Trustees
  • The Board of Stewardship
  • The Personnel Committee
  • The Nominating Committee
  • The Pastoral Relations Committees
  • The Panel of (Denominational) Delegates
  • The Committee of Deacons
  • Members-at-Large
  • Open and Affirming Committee
  • Endowment Development Committee
  • Memorial Garden Committee
  • Financial Review Committee
  • Welcoming Ministries Team